Falling Victim to Self Pity

Me, a victim. Never!

The subtle pull of self pity can be like the appetite to your favorite dish. Its power is unrecognizable and difficult to avoid.

When a deteriorating marriage ends, it is natural to feel hurt, pain and even pity for self. It is quite up close and personal. A tool for the enemy of our souls to drag us down. It is easy to fall victim to such an emotional assault.

Some of life’s experiences can be so overwhelmingly painful that you can lose your footing for a moment. Withdrawal and isolation may appear so tempting. Turning inward seems to provide the solitary protection you crave.

But, then there is a strength that is there waiting for you to take notice. There is comfort that stands ready to engulf you. There is power to keep you from falling victim to self pity.

Falling is a very interesting experience. Whether you are falling from a chair, bike or down a flight of stairs, the first instinct is to reach your hands out to brace the fall. Well my sisters, the fall into self pity is no different. Reach out your hands to brace the fall. Reach out for the strength, comfort and power that awaits you. That is why I decided to write the book “The End of Forever”. It was my way of reaching out my hands to brace my fall as well as be the place where you, too, can reach out. The book is filled with lessons learned and Spiritual shifts that took place when I decided to reach out. I am hopeful that as you continue to stop by here to read this blog, you will be able to brace yourself against falling into the downward pull of self pity.

Contact the Author: www.healingwaters-counseling.com

Excerpts taken from “The End of Forever” – a book written by Phyllis McColister to encourage, educate and empower divorced and separated women to find restoration and healing in Christ, realizing their intrinsic value to His Kingdom.   Coming Soon!!!!

Visit again for more Christian Mental Health tips. Until then, remember your worth is far above rubies and learn to laugh without fear of the future (Proverbs 31:25).

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