Review of Single Series – Part1

We are taking a short recess from the Single Series for the holidays but will return Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 7 PM Eastern standard time. Below is a summary of what we have covered so far. We look forward to you joining us in January 2023

Despite the pain, hurt, and damage that your ex caused you, you still miss the relationship and the sense of security and comfort it provided. Despite the abuse you might have experienced, you miss the sense of belonging to someone. Because you became so accustomed to the relationship, suddenly being single can make you feel like a fish out of water. Although being single can feel uncomfortable now, your patience is important during this season. 

Fight the urge to suddenly jump into a relationship for the sake of convenience and comfort. Finding a rebound, someone to temporarily fill the void left by your ex-partner, presents a momentary reward, but can leave you with long term regret and pain. This attempt at self-medicating your pain only prolongs the healing process. 

It’s important to recognize that singleness is not loneliness and it should not bring you any fear or embarrassment. Singleness is actually very sacred and God wants you to honor this time by giving it completely to Him. God cares about your love life. He gave us the greatest love story ever, by giving us Jesus. Today make a declaration that you will not allow the voices within you or the voices around you to lead you astray from God’s plan for your life. From this day forward you are Breaking free from the old, with your arms wide open to receive God’s very best. 

Courtesy of “Breaking Free After A Breakup” Ella and David Asamoah

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