The righteous will never be uprooted, but the wicked will not remain in the land.

(Proverbs 10:30, NIV)

Amazingly, the root system of a tree can absorb and transport water and minerals from the soil to the rest of the tree above ground.  Research indicates that these roots can extend about 1.5 times the tree’s height.  Even crooked trees with deep roots can remain healthy and valuable.

I woke up one morning and somehow knew I would hear from the Lord that day.  So, there I went, running with pen, journal, and Bible in hand to my favorite place on earth, my backyard patio garden.  Now, my patio is no ordinary place. My patio is filled with living plants and a serene 3-tier water fountain.  My favorite swirling rocking chair faces the tree in this devotional.  This tree is surrounded by flowering foliage that compliments the lake view behind it.

That morning as I looked up toward the sky through the branches of this tree, I heard the words as gently as the wind; “bent, but still standing.”  Hurricane Irma struck this tree in 2017.  The tree was left bent, broken and half barren.  But it stands.  Most of its leaves are toward the top of the tree, but the roots go deep into the nurturing soil.  However, the tree was still valuable to its surroundings.  Many birds come from near and far to nest.  Lizards and squirrels climb to safety.  Insects and bugs enjoy the nectar of the leaves on the nearly barren branches.

Could there be a lesson here?  Could this be what the Lord wanted to share with me today?  I certainly felt like this tree, bent by the winds of life’s storms but still standing.  Broken, but useful in the Master’s hands.  My heart began to fill with joy as my eyes brimmed with tearful hope.  A prayer broke from my lips and spilled onto the pages of my journal: “Help me, Lord, to be like this tree to remain deeply rooted in You, nurtured by the Holy Spirit.  Use my life, Lord, as You do this tree.  Surely there are many souls needing to nest in the love you have harvested in my heart. Indeed, some frightened soul would find safety and protection under my care.  I know for sure that there are those who would be strengthened by the branches of the blessings You have planted in my life.  The righteous will never be uprooted. Here I am, bent but still standing.  Use me Lord!  

Dear Lord: I am now ready for the day.  It is comforting to know that even in all of life’s struggles, the righteous will never be uprooted.  The storms may come, winds may blow but, I am deeply rooted in the Holy Spirit for strength.    In Jesus Name, Amen.

Excerpts taken from “The End of Forever” – a book written by Phyllis McColister to encourage, educate and empower divorced and separated women to find restoration and healing in Christ, realizing their intrinsic value to His Kingdom.   Coming Soon!!!!

Visit again for more Christian Mental Health tips. Until then, remember your worth is far above rubies and learn to laugh without fear of the future (Proverbs 31:25).

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