Relationship Busters

This is worth repeating.

My Virtuous Sisters

Selfishness & Pride

It is not breaking news that naturally our own opinions and ideas are relied upon as reality. But as Virtuous Sisters, we understand the need to daily surrender our thoughts and opinions to Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to fill us with His wisdom instead.

This is especially helpful in relationships. While we cannot force others to submit to God in this way, we are expected as daughters of the Most High to guard against dangerous influences and ungodly strongholds to distract us from our spiritual goals and way of life. Selfishness and pride can keep us from allowing the Word of God to work in our lives. Even so, selfishness and pride of our partners can create significant barriers for us as well.

My message to my Virtuous Sisters today is “Boundaries are Blessings”

Setting Boundaries:

In the Christian realm, boundaries are considered negative or…

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